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16 October 2009 @ 10:05 pm
The Life of A Molly  
Well it's all happening to me :) Lemme explain it all to you:
Basically since I've started my new school there was one boy, Cameron who I've befriended. Now Cameron and me get on really well, like there was an instant friendship which we both fell into. Now I got a bit confused and thought oh this must be what love is and it ended up in a little bit of an awkward situation last week.

We went to a friends house for the evening and after a few drinks I was considerably open to a friend and told her that I fancied him. All my friends think we should get together so they were encouraging me to make a move and by the end of the night we kissed a lot. But in the morning I just regretted it. I kissed another second boy that night (called Ben) for reasons unknown, and it was a no-strings-attached thing. But in the morning Cam thought we were onto something and it took my feebleness to persuade my friend to tell him not to ask me on a date because that's what he was planning to do.

So I felt bad.

In other news we played spin the bottle. The rules were as follows.
  1. Lands on the same couple once: peck on the lips
  2. Lands on the same couple twice: tongues for 5 seconds
  3. Lands on the same couple thrice: tongues for 10 seconds.
After many spins and a lot of boy-on-boy action, I got my second person of the evening. A girl. My only kiss with tongues in the game and it was with a girl. But it wasn't half bad ;).
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