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28 October 2009 @ 01:22 am
The Noisettes and A2A Soundtrack  

Hello fellow bloggers et blog-readers! How are y'all?

Today I went to see the Noisettes at the Shepherd's Bush Empire. So I thought I'd give you a little informal review to tell you how I found it. And a little hello and a sorry (plus a big bag of cookies) for not being very active on here. I'm sowwy. :)The Noisettes Pictures, Images and Photos



I swear to the Lord almighty that I first heard of the Noisettes way back when nobody knew them. They didn't even have a video in Youtube back when I first noticed them. But my, like a child have they grown and blossomed from this little fledgling spreading its wings into the glorious world of pop-rock-retro (the list continues). Me and my friend took our seats on the highest level of the Shepherd's Bush Empire for the final show of their countrywide tour.
Lots of hype.
They had easy-listening music playing as the audience found their seat or standing positions and, quelle surprise what was playing? Nothing other than the A2A soundtrack. I kid you not. So I was quite content humming and singing full pelt to Vienna, I'm In Love With a German Film Star and Fade to Grey. I must admit I did get a few queer looks. May I just point out I mean queer not of the homosexual variety. Ahem.

The first act was a fucking gorgeous very attractive Welsh man called Bright Light. Very queer (NOW I'm talking about the queer variety) but stunning nevertheless. May I just say that there were far too many gorgeous gay guys out in Shepherd's Bush tonight. Kind of irritating when your swooning over a guy to watch him hold hands with his male friend and, on cue, snog his face off. Lovely. So yeah, Bright Light. Lot of synth, very loud microphone but he did that really cool thing where they build up the song by recording little snipets of things ie. the tambourine or the guitar. Very good musician whom I wouldn't mind marrying. Just saying.

Next was this new band called MPHO. God only knows how I explain how to pronounce it, just knock yourself out trying. The lead singer was a loud South Londoner, excuse my predjudice lol, who put me in mind of a cross between Miquita Oliver and VV Brown. The latter being the only one I like out of the pair of them, there was something I didn't quite like. However the music was AMAZING. I loved it; combined a bit of youthfullness with the techno, Noisette-ish style of music. Fantasic guitarist and drummer (who I met after and who gave me a very nice bumber sticker).

And finally the Noisettes. They kicked off with Wild Young Hearts and the lead singer was sitting in the upper level. Cheesy I know but by gum can that lady sing. Not a note wrong, but then again what would you expect. An awlful lot of dancing on her part; ie. girating on the drum kit, throwing over microphone stands and such. Very good. I was particularly impressed with Atticus. I couldn't see her while she sung it though due to seating arrangements but it was so soulful and I felt the whole venue just go quiet as they were enraptured by her voice. Altogether very nice. For "Sometimes" they brought this other lady onstage (why oh why?) but I thought the song lacked the soul I always felt it had. But twas still nice. I wouldn't be able to do any better!

They finished with a few covers. They did The Carpenters "Say Goodbye to Love" which was utterly amazing. Such a beautiful voice paired with such a silky voice was just magic. Then they did the old T-Rex hit "Children of the Revolution" which was good for the best part but they dragged it on a bit which annoyed me. IMO I think they should have left with one of their classics ie. Never Forget You or Don't Upset the Rhythm just for the cliche.

But all in all a very spectacular show. Lots of dancing and girating for y'all. Some of my mates were standing in the stalls and got a lot of intereation with the acts which is great but I was happy in my seat on a higher lever getting an overall view of the show. It's a good sized venue; not soooooo big that the acts look like dollies but just big enough. But Shepherd's Bush is renowned for being a good venue! Not bad for £14 really!

P.S. Just for laughs, while the roadies were changing the set a rotund man of a considerable age got his leg caught in a banner and did a sausage roll along the stage, crashing into a few drums and microphone stands. Kind of embarrassing for the poor git but funny just the same lol!

If you've read all that your some sort of divine right. Or a witch and in need of burning ;) jk. Thanks for reading! TTFN! x
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The great work begins...: Torchwoodceilidh_ann on October 28th, 2009 01:05 pm (UTC)
Ooh The Noisettes! I saw them live when they were the support act to Muse in 2007, they were much more raw punk rock sounding than they are now, which is a shame because I like their newer stuff better and would have loved to have seen that live! I am addicted to Never Forget You. Sounds like a great gig, hope you jumped up and down with the best of them. :D